Global Trade Show

Exhibition information Exhibition Name Location Duration
Match Supplier B2B Truck, Auto Parts & Accessories Online Expo Online Expo 整年, All Year Around
The Work Truck Show United States, Indiana 2020/3/3-2020/3/6
Busworld Turkey Turkey, Istanbul 2020/3/5-2020/3/7
IIBT Jakarta Indonesia, Jakarta 2020/3/18-2020/3/20
Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) United States, Louisville 2020/3/26-2020/3/28
CV-Show England, Birmingham 2020/4/28-2020/4/30
TIR - International Freight and Commercial Vehicle Show Ukraine 2020.5.27-2020.5.30
Philippines Bus & Truck Indonesia 2020.7.9-2020.7.11
Busworld India India 2020.8.27-2020.8.29
IAA CARS Germany 2020.9.24-2020.9.30
FIAA International Bus and Coach Trade Fair (Every 2 Years) Spain 2020.10.6-2020.10.9
FENATRAN (Every 2 Years) Brazil 2020.10.18-2020.10.22
Busworld Russia Moscow Russia 2020.10.26-2020.10.28
Automec (Every 2 Years) Brazil 2021.4.6-2020.4.10
Busworld Europe (Every 2 Years) Belgium 2021.10.9-2021.10.14