Global Trade Show

Exhibition information Exhibition Name Location Duration
Barcelona International Motor Show (Every 2 Years) Spain 2017/05/11-2017/05/21
China International Urban New Energy Car Operation Development Forum or Expo China 2017/06/06-2017/06/08
CEBU Auto Show Philippines 2017/09/14-2017/09/17
Automech Formula Egypt 2017/09/20-2017/09/23
TMS (Every 2 Years) Japan 2017/10/27-2017/11/05
Riyadh Motor Show Saudi Arabia 2017/11/14-2017/11/17
Central Florida International Auto Show United States 2017/11/23-2017/11/26
MatchSupplier Online Expo Online Expo 2018/01/01-2018/12/31
NAIAS United States 2018/01/13-2018/01/28
AUTO EXPO - The Motor Show (Every 2 Years) India 2018/02/08-2018/02/11
CIAS Canada 2018/02/16-201/02/25
Toronto International RV Show Canada 2018/03/01-2018/03/04
Geneva International Auto Show Switzerland 2018/03/08-2018/03/18
Calgary International Auto and Truck Show Canada 2018/03/14-2018/03/18
Dhaka Motor Show Bengal 2018/03/22-2018/03/24
Vancouver International Auto Show Canada 2018/03/28-2018/04/01
Manila Auto Show Philippines 2018/04/05-2018/04/08
IAA CARS Germany 2018/09/20-2018/09/27
Paris Mondial de I’Automobile (Every 2 Years) France 2018/10/04-2018/10/14
Oman International Motor Show Oman 2018/12/05-2018/12/08