Global Trade Show

Exhibition information Exhibition Name Location Duration
Match Supplier B2B Truck, Auto Parts & Accessories Online Expo Online Expo 整年, All Year Around
The Auto Expo (Every 2 Years) India, New Delhi 2020/2/6-2020/2/9
Canadian International Auto Show Canada, Toronto 2020/2/14-2020/2/23
Toronto Spring Camping and RV Show Mississauga, Canada 2020.2.27-2020.3.1
Geneva International Auto Show Switzerland, Geneva 2020/3/5-2020/3/15
Calgary International Auto and Truck Show Canada, Calgary 2020/3/11-2020/3/15
Dhaka Motor Show Bangladesh, Dhaka 2020/3/19-2020/3/21
Vancouver Auto Show Canada, Vancouver 2020/3/25-2020/3/29
Manila Auto Show Philippines, Manila 2020/4/2-2020/4/5
North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) USA, Detroit 2020/6/13-2020/6/20
Cairo International Motor Show Egypt, Cairo 2020/6/17-2020/6/20
Shanghai International Urban New Energy car Operation Development Forum or Expo (Auto CNE) China, Shanghai 2020/8/7-2020/8/9
International Motor Show (IAA) Germany, Frankfurt 2020/9/24-2020/9/30
Central Florida International Auto Show USA, Orlando 2020/9/25-2020/9/27
Paris Motor Show (Every 2 years) France, Paris 2020/10/1-2020/10/11
Barcelona International Motor Show (Every 2 Years) Spain, Barcelona 2021/5/8-2021/5/16
International Exhibition for Commercial Vehicles (Every 2 years) Russia, Moscow 2021/9/6-2021/9/11