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Taiwan Brake Technology Corp. 勤晟工業股份有限公司

Company Information

Company Name: Taiwan Brake Technology Corp. 勤晟工業股份有限公司
Business Type:
  • Exporter
  • Manufacturer
  • Factory Type:
    • Single Parts Manufacturer
    • Assembly Manufacturer
    • Stamping Manufacturer
    • Dies & Molds Manufacturer
    • OBM
    • OEM / ODM
    Establish: 1986
    Website: http://www.taiwanbrake.com/
    Location: Taiwan
    Export Registration:
    Main Products:

    Drum Brake Shoes

    Disc Brake Pad



    With 30 years of experience in the friction aftermarket, TBT is a professional manufacturer and well recognized supplier of automotive brake friction products, specializing in Brake Pads & Shoes. 

    Our products are exported throughout the world and we continue to expand in the automotive trading market. 

    During the past decade, we have strived with the best effort to transform our company from a traditional factory into the modern and professional business entity that we are today, with complete equipments and meticulous quality control management. 

    Realizing brake being the most decisive part of the vehicle safety system, we put our entire focus on enhancing brake performance with the research and dedication to quality. 

    Here in TBT, not only do we possess the most enthusiastic staff, but also the tradition of persistence in the improvement of manufacturing techniques and top-class products, to ensure the safety of vehicles and the satisfaction of our customers. 

    As a result of following our vision, we have not been beaten in the global recession, and we will keep marching on steadfastly. It is with great confidence that we proudly guarantee to always satisfy and succeed the requirements of our customers.


    1986. 09 
    Foundation of Chin Cheng Industrial Co. (Automobile Dept.) 

    1994. 07 
    Non-Asbestos Series release (Semi-Metallic Brake Pad)

    1996. 11 
    Established Jhan Ving Industrial Co. (Motorcycle Dept.) 

    1998. 06 
    ISO 9001 Certified 

    1998. 10 
    Release our own brand - INTIMA 

    2003. 03 
    Change name to Taiwan Brake Technology Corp. 

    2003. 05 
    Established Technology Research Institute (CTO, MR. YAMAMOTO, from Japan) 

    2004. 01 
    NAO Series release (CE,EE,SS,SR) 

    2006. 10 
    Ceramic Series release (TYPE-D) 

    2007. 07 
    Join FMSI as a member 

    2009. 03 
    E-11 MARK Certified 

    2010. 03 
    Automatic Scorching Machine achieve “National Golden Invention Award of Taiwan” 

    2010. 03 
    CITD project of Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan approved 

    2011. 01 
    E-1 MARK Certified 

    2014. 01 
    ISO/TS 16949 Certified 

    2015. 04 
    Copper-Free Series release 

    2015. 12 
    ISO 14000 Certified

    Business Philosophy:

    Bsiness Philosophy "Humanistic Management" has been the central ideology of TBT since founded, while Passion, Creativity and Honesty are taken as TBT's three major operation spirits. 


    To cultivate the spirit of teamwork, to create a secure, harmonious and developmental work environment, and to provide clients with professional service. 

    To encourage staff to maximize their creativity, to develop new technologies and new products increasingly, and to satisfy clients with superior products. 


    To establish a fair, impartial, and practical attitude toward work, to become the most dependable supplier to our clients, and to promote the company growth through steady and healthy operation. 

    Management Strategy 

    Upgrading the Management System. 

    Expanding the Global Market Share. 

    Maximizing the Business Value. 

    Take off to the leading player in the world.