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Company Information

Company Name: GCK SHOU CHI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. 受記精機工業股份有限公司
Business Type:
  • Importer
  • Exporter
  • Wholesaler
  • Manufacturer
  • Exporter
  • Wholesaler
  • Manufacturer
  • Factory Type:
    • Assembly Manufacturer
    • Forging Manufacturer
    • OEM / ODM
    Establish: 1975
    Website: http://www.gck.com/
    Location: Taiwan
    Main Products:

    Transmission Parts Assembly

    C.V. Joint

    Drive Shaft

    Member of Associations / Guilds: Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association

    Shou Chi Industrial is a professional manufacturer for FWD constant velocity products. Our product categories cover most brands of car makers’ CV Axle and related products globally. Shou Chi has sold auto parts under GCK logo and well-received in all markets over 30 years.

    Our services cover Axle, Half-shaft, Outer joint, Inner joint, Clamps, Tripod, Center shaft, Cage, Race, ABS ring, CV Boot, Screw Nut, Grease, Chrome ball, and other related process, QC gauges, tooling and audit services. 

    GCK’s manufacturing facilities are certificated by German TUV Sud ISO-9001 and TS-16949. We produce reliable products. 

    GCK products were approved and certificated to supply car markers since 1993. With years of experiences in half-shaft development and mass production, we are a trustworthy partner to many OE car makers in Taiwan, North America and China. 

    With reasonable design optimization, avoiding hazardous material, our products achieved new standard of Weight-Reduction and Eco-Friendly.. 

    GCK has State-of-the-art production facility and sophisticated QC equipments, we continue to exchange data with advance National Level testing lab for auto parts related verifications and production information. 

    GCK products cover more than 4,000 applications and always hold hundreds of thousands inventory to supply and service our customers from our Asian-Pacific Facility in Taiwan. 

    We serve customers from 70 countries and areas with Hard-to-find Items and rapid respond services. We continue to expand our service areas and products offered. 

    GCK has invested in high tech equipments and assets over 300 million US dollars.


    Company first established to produce Cylindrical Grinding & Horning Machines. 

    Devoted to manufacture motorcycle's parts; Connecting rods and others. 

    Developed to make front-wheel half-shaft for automobile. 1985 Add hot forging equipment to strength facility. 

     Expansion in plant to accommodate a new computerized & Automated equipment. 

    100% acquisition of WEI CHOU Co., rename as SHOU CHI-We 

    A new plant, Wu-Jin Plant in operation for Half-Shaft 

    Purchase a new facility of warm & cold forging equipment including 1200 tons/2 sets, 750 tons/2 sets, and 650 tons/1 set. Modify G100 transmission shaft to meet OEM testing standard in Tien Chin Motor Company, China. 

    An US$1.6 million investment to made high-performance testing equipment with breaking, fatigue, and simulator to strengthen our quality control. 

    Wu Feng Factory was programmed to be an automated forging plant with a total of 10 production lines. SHOU CHI obtained ISO-9002 Certificate on October, 1995 

    SHOU CHI expanded the second site of Wu-Feng plant, and build up four high frequency induction heat treatment production line. 

    Produced KIA Completed half shaft and expand market to Iran OE manufacturer. Produced SUZUKI Complete half shaft and expand market to United State OE manufacturer. 

    QS9000 was granted by SHOU CHI Company. Added 1600 tons forging equipment and formed new production line. CV Axle Laboratory was formed for series analyze and research from raw material to all company production. 

    GCK started the development of our New Chinese Operation and search for New Facility Site 

    GCK begin the construction of New Warehouse and Office in Gardena, CA. 

    GCK begin the construction of New Facility in China Wu-Feng Plant new additional Facility construction completed and start operation. 

    China Gonghe Plant One construction completed and area covers 200,000 square meters.

    Business Philosophy:

    Just in time service 

    Most of our locations keep safety stock volume to reach over 97% fill rate. 

    Limited Product Warranty 

    Limited 2 years or sixty thousand kilograms warranty for all GCK C.V. Joint and C.V. Half Shaft (Axle) product. 
    Warranty does not apply to racecar, unprofessional installation, and boot. 

    Technical Support 

     GCK is dedicated to provide the best technical support and customer support.All of our direct sale locations provide service. There are several ways to contact us. 

    America: 1-888-230-9222, extension 05 

    Taiwan and Asia: 886-4-2261-2222, extension 12 

    China: 86-750-8318211 direct line 

    Global wide 24 hours technical email address: chris@gck.com 

    Global wide 24 hours complain fax line: 886-4-2261-2224

    Quality Guarantee:

    Why select GCK- Quality Standard 

    Shou Chi Industrial Co., Ltd has implemented and passed International Standard Organization 9002 (ISO 9002) quality examination. (Approved by Economic Department Commerce Branch) 

    Shou Chi Industrial Co., Ltd has implemented QS 9000 quality management system. (Certificate issued by American own company: ENTELA, serial number: 98-248) 

    Shou Chi Industrial Co., Ltd has implemented QS 9000 quality management system. (Certificate issued by European own company:TUV, serial number: 951001376)