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Jolong Machine Industrial Co.,LTD. 久隆機械工業有限公司

Company Information

Company Name: Jolong Machine Industrial Co.,LTD. 久隆機械工業有限公司
Business Type:
  • Trading Company
  • Establish: 1976
    Website: http://www.jolong.com.tw/
    Location: Taiwan
    Export Registration:
    Main Products:

    Air Operated Fluid Pump

    Pressurized Fluid Pump

    Air Operated Oil Pump

    Air Operated Diesel Oil Pump

    Hand Operated Fluid Pump

    Manual Hydraulic Press

    Automatic Hydraulic Press

    Oil Gun

    Hose Reels


    JO LONG Co., Ltd. is established in 1976. For the earlier stage, we mainly produced professional machinery. 

    Since 1991, we start to use our "JOLONG" trademark to produce lubricating equipment and repairing tool of automobile and motorcycle. 

    For the past 30 years, we devote to provide good products to the industry; therefore, we obtain good reputation. Thanks for your constant support and kindness. 

    We will continue developing related products based on the principle of best quality and service to improve the working efficiency against safe, convenient and good machinery.


    Provide the solution for completed doing fueling, spraying and dispensing in order to satisfy the demands of manufacturers and overcome the challenge of production. 

    Passed ISO 9001:2008quality management system authorization, developed any kind of fluid withdrawal, injection equipment, applied in any industry.

    Moved to the new plant at Dali Dist. of Taichung and started to operate. 

    Introduced ERP into company and operated thoroughly. 

    Started to produce lubricating equipment based on the trademark of JOLONG. 

    Started to produce hydraulic press based on the trademark of JOLONG. 

    Established in Taichung to design and produce professional machinery.

    Business Philosophy:

    Our quality policies are the quality is our number one priority, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. 

    Furthermore, we precede each inspection against profession-based and data-based. 

    We provide high quality and excellent performance product and consistent after-sales service to the domestic and international buyers and users.

    Quality Guarantee:

    Future Prospect

    We expect to provide service to all our customers against the quality and function far beyond the expectation. 

    Furthermore, we will continue improving the delivery time, quality, service and system according to our quality policy. 

    We also expect the products can exceed any advanced country, like Europe or USA. 

    Just like our slogan, "we make the world smoother" and we wish to create a win-win future with all our customers.

    Environmental Policy:

    Actively implement environmental management activities to enhance environmental performance. 

    Waste reduction exercise, the implementation of resourcerecovery. 

    Continuous environmental improvement, to pollution control. 

    Full implementation of 5S movement, to create a good working environment. 

    Compliance with government regulations and various environmental regulations.