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Factory Introduction

Location: No.11, Yongxing Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County 540, Taiwan

Production Video

R&D Capacity



Give us the contour of your idea, Easen will provide you an ideal experience. The core values of Easen are variety, flexibility and efficiency, considering the fast-changing in the international hand-tool market. 

By using our professional ODM experience, Easen customizes the best proposal for the customers, with the angles from the market, the user and the products. 

With continual communication, and coordination with our customers to create the ideal products, Easen will offer you the experience of dream-come-true in every progress. 


Pursuing the perfection and challenging the peak of the technology is the goal of Easen Industry. Easen carefully pay high attention in every process of producing. 

Easen thoroughly manage and supervise the process of production line to provide a complete systematized service. 

By continuous discussion with our customers to fully understand their needs, we build up the best environment for you and us, with our great teamwork and professional technique. 

 When the functions and specialties of the tools reach the qualified standard, the high and accurate quality represents the efficiency of the users. 

By using the automated storage and retrieval system to inspect the manufacturing process thoroughly, Easen stably maintains our products with a first-rate quality. 

The word-"integrity" is defined by Easen as a mutual commitment with both Easen and the customers. 

With the trust from Easen for the customers, and the creditable feedback from the customers, Easen has a tight relationship with our customers. 

Every exchange and trade with the customers is all precious property for us. With this prime directive, Easen is absolutely approved by all our clients since 1983 till now. 

And we, clients and Easen, therefore creates a benchmark-"Advance, internalization and Transcend" together.