Do More with Your Management System

Through this system, you can create your own database, and manage information of suppliers more systematically than before.

Match Supplier Classify Your Database into Four Sections

More Useful & Important Functions

Saved Supplier

If you are interested in some suppliers, you can save their Company Profile into your Saved Suppliers.
Moreover, you can classify them into different categories.

Cooperation Requests

It is a PM (Post Message) mailbox that stores Cooperation Requests you receive from suppliers. You can see cooperation requests you sent to suppliers and requests you received by switching between the two tabs, “Cooperation Requests to Suppliers” and “Notification from Suppliers”. By clicking on the icon below “View Records”, you will see the whole conversation.

Through this Management System, you will no longer be annoyed by any disorderly and unsystematic purchasing work. All the supplier information you need and the conversation records will be systematically stored in your Management System.

Moreover, you can also express advantages and superiority of your company more clearly than you did before. From your company information to product needs, even exhibition plans, all information suppliers want to know has been collected into your Company Profile.

Match Supplier simplify your work, and connect you to the world.

Match Your Business Need Easily
Without Extensive Research.

Free to be a member, receive supplier lists matching your needs.

Free Management System, put thousands of catalogues into your pocket.

Able to turn off the Matching Service anytime, prevent unnecessary bothers.

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