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Sunny Screw Industry 三能螺栓工業股份有限公司

Company Information

Company Name: Sunny Screw Industry 三能螺栓工業股份有限公司
Business Type:
  • Exporter
  • Manufacturer
  • Factory Type:
    • OEM / ODM
    Establish: 1984
    Website: http://www.sunny-screw.com/
    Location: Taiwan
    Export Registration:
    Main Products: Custom-Made Fasteners


    Our main production is custom-made and manufactured according to the customer's purchase orders and drawing specifications. 

    The factory does not warehouse already-made parts without a customer's purchase orders and drawings. 

    This OEM production mode affords great agility to satisfy particular demands and to meet tight deadlines.


    Sunny Screw Industry was established in 1984 (originally named Jae Mie Works CO., LTD) by Mr. Sunny Chen, the current president. 

    He started as hammer-wielding entery-level technician and acquired a broad range of knowledge and experience after working for three decades in the fastener industry.

    Quality Guarantee:

    Quality Assurance

    Sunny is certified ISO 9002 and currently pursuing ISO/TS 16949 certification. 

    The Quality Control Room is well stocked with timely-calibrated instruments, devices, and equipments to enhance the detection of potential defects, before, during and after production. 

    30 Years of Experience in Manufacturing

    Most of our production is created by a multi-stage cold forging machinery. 

    The products eventually go to different fields, including the automobile industry, household appliances and electronics. 

    Three decades of dedication and learning blossoms into Sunny's success in producing precision, high-quality products. 

    Our screws/bolts/nuts are sold all over the world and have enjoyed our customers' sustained loyalty and satisfaction. 

    Superior Services

    The old adage that the best product is the best salesperson rings particularly true to Sunny. 

    Then again, a sales team well versed in the fastener knoweldge can always put a little wind in the sail of the product. 

    The sales team commununicates the customer's special requirements, expectations, and concerns to the Quality Control Room. 

    By virtue of the OEM production mode, the sales team is able to rapidly respond to very tight deadlines and particular specifications.