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Chien Hsin Industrial Corp. 建信工業社

Company Information

Company Name: Chien Hsin Industrial Corp. 建信工業社
Business Type:
  • Trading Company
  • Manufacturer
  • Establish: 1979
    Website: http://www.chienhsin.com/
    Location: Taiwan
    Export Registration:
    Main Products: Auto Engine Belt Tensioner


    Chien Hsin Industrial Corp. is a professional auto engine belt tensioner manufacturer providing customers qualified products with superior manufacturing technology. 

    We are devoted to the new products development and take rigorous quality control standard in the manufacturing process in order to let users feel the high value of our products.

    Quality Guarantee:

    Auto Tensioners have been widely adopted in the automobile engines since 1980's. 

    With the recent trend towards high-performance automobile engines, they are primarily used to improve the noise during the operation of the timing belts which are extensively applied in camshaft drives. 

    Today, Auto Tensioners are installed chiefly on engines of 2 liters and greater, and the main stream is the hydraulic type Auto Tensioner with its superb performance. 

    Along with the recent demands for cost reduction, small-sized engines also require higher reliability. Other major trends include a shift from timing belts to timing chains and use of the serpentine drives that require only a single accessory drive belt. 

    Auto Tensioners effectively improve the reliability and reduce the noise of these timing belts and chains.

    Chien Hsin Industrial Corp. currently offers a various types of hydraulic Auto Tensioners for timing belts. Professional car engine belt tensioner manufacturer provides customers with qualified products to choose from.