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Company Information

Company Name: LU CHOU MACHINE CO., LTD. 蘆洲機械有限公司
Business Type:
  • Exporter
  • Manufacturer
  • Workshop
  • Factory Type:
    • Single Parts Manufacturer
    • Assembly Manufacturer
    • OEM / ODM
    Establish: 1995
    Website: http://www.luchou.com.tw/
    Location: Taiwan
    Export Registration:
    Main Products:

    Rocker Arms
    Lifter Valves 
    Rocker Shafts
    Cam shafts
    Fuel Pumps
    Water Pumps
    Oil Pumps
    Push Rods
    Transmission Parts Etc


    Lu Chou Machinery Works is an ISO 9001:2000 approved company specialized in manufacturing high-quality and -precision automotive engine parts. 

    Including mainly rocker arms, lifter valves, rocker shafts, cam shafts, tappets, filter, fuel pumps, water pumps, oil pumps, chambers, push rods, other transmission parts etc.


    The company was established in 1982, and after vigorous business development and long-term growth in the past years, Lu Chou has grown into Taiwan’s largest and most comprehensive supplier of rocker arms, lifter valves, and camshafts for the aftermarket. 

    Up to date, the firm supplies over 1,000 product items for almost all popular passenger-car combustion engines pushed by Japan, American, and European automakers. 

    In addition, Lu Chou has been aggressively diversifying its product lines into oil pumps, fuel pumps (housing filters), water pumps, special parts for automobiles and machinery etc. 

    The ambitious firm has also achieved success in these new businesses thanks to its highest quality level and long-term trusts from customers worldwide.

    Quality Guarantee:

    To meet the even-increasing demand, Lu Chou moved into a modern and integrated plant in northern Taiwan’s Linko so as to double its capacity. 

    However, the firm has left additional space for future’s expansion. With its commitment in pursuing the best product quality and customer satisfaction, Lu Chou adopts top-end computer numeric control (CNC) equipment to produce its products.

    At Lu Chou, you might not see too many production-line workers because the firm has established a well-organized central-satellite plant system in which it plays the role for final-stage precision processing, assembly, and quality control. 

    Under such operation mode, Lu Chou’s integrated capability achieved by the group of satellite plants can provide the most flexible production and most-efficient development processes. 

    Lu Chou claims that it can 100% meet customers’ demands for developing and making almost any kind of parts as long as the material required is within the company’s capability range. 

    No matter big-volume production or small-batch, large-variety supply, Lu Chou says, its highest flexibility can totally meet your requirements. 

    The firm’s quality products are widely welcome by customers in Southeast Asia, where Japanese car models dominate the roads, as well as in Europe and the U.S. thanks to Lu Chou’s product diversification and aggressive business expansion. 

    The company welcomes customers to provide product samples or design blueprints, and is very confident in offering the rapid responses and satisfactory pre- and after-sales services.