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Dong Feng Nissan LTD. 東風日產有限公司


Factory Introduction

Factory Size: 5,000  Square meters
Location: No 9, Lane 97,Sec. 5, Roosevelt Rd. Taipei, Taiwan
Product Lines: 10Lines
Annual Output Value: 1,000,000,000 USD

Production Capability

Product Name Product Line Capacity Actual Units Produced Last Year Other Descriptions
Fender50,000 per Month600,000 per YearFender
Grilles50,000 per Month600,000  per YearGrilles
Headlights50,000 per Month600,000 per YearHeadlights
Tail Lights50,000 per Month60,000 per YearTail Lights

Production Equipment and Facilities

Equipment Name Equipment Picture Brand Model No. Quantity


R&D Capacity

R&D Engineer(s): 10

Dong Feng Nissan LTD. was established for ten years, and is exclusive authorized distributor for automobile spare parts of Nissan in Taiwan. All parts of Dong Feng Nissan are sells in accordance with Nissan Genuine Parts, the superior parts quality of Dong Feng Nissan are also highly praised all over the world! While interview, Mr. Green Chen, the General Manager of Dong Feng brought up great visions about the prospect of automobile spare parts market and how does the company deal with the situation. The General Manager of Dong Feng Nissan LTD., Mr. Green Chen, who has over 20 years of experience in automobile industry. His personality reflect on the company’s culture. Dong Feng Nissan’s conduct notion is Humble, Honest, Confident, Honor. Humble – modesty and no pretense Honest – certainly but not clumsy Confident – being happy in doing good Honor – gain credit with every deal As a result of the market booming influence, the year of a vehicle using seems growing year by year, Green Chen said “If you are tired of ordinary aftermarket parts, why not choose genuine parts that are made in Taiwan?” To automobile aftermarket, consumers’ budget are also influenced by economic recession and reflect on many OEM sellers were failing into struggles. To handle this stressful situation, Dong Feng Nissan is well competitive in price, and also directly cooperate with Nissan in Warehousing and physical Distribution in order to promote the supply speed! Furthermore Dong Feng Nissan prompts customers in the contrary way while customers had their car repair, major demand is OEM products with Generic Parts price, Dong Feng Nissan can offer OEM quality guaranteed parts to maintain your vehicle which is “Nissan Genuine Parts Quality and Aftermarket Parts Price.” The particular character of automobile spare parts made from Taiwan Dong Feng Nissan LTD. is manufacture exclusively apply to Taiwan Nissan which has A32, A33, J31, B14, N16, T30, C24, C11, G11, L11 F23, K11 and the latest F24 power system and awarded the world engine many years of VQ series six cylinder engine with J32 exclusive spare parts. Dong Feng Nissan LTD. presently emphasize the market not only in China but also in Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada, and will continually develop the market in US, Europe, etc., with the spirit of “emphasis in Taiwan oriented, and develop globalization.” Finally, Dong Feng Nissan LTD. accepts your criticisms and advices modestly, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. For the reason that automobile spare parts manufactures around the world can have the un-boundary exchange of knowledge and technology.

Quality Control

Equipment Name Equipment Picture Brand Model No. Quantity Other Descriptions
檢測設備DFDFT515Testing Equipment