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Win Chance Metal Co., LTD. 鈞成金屬股份有限公司


Factory Introduction

Factory Size: 6558.81  Square meters
Location: No.15-10, Lane 142 Sec.5 Changnan Rd., Changhua City, Changhua 50088, Taiwan
Product Lines: 4Lines
Annual Output Value: 20 million  USD

Production Video

Production Capability

Product Name Product Line Capacity Actual Units Produced Last Year Other Descriptions
Hook500000 per Month4800000 per Year
Double J Hook, S Hook, Flat Hook, 
Snap Flat Hook, Twist Snap Hook,
           Snap Hook, Bungee Hook, Spring Hook Could be used together with webbing & ratchet buckles = ratchet tie down set
Buckle500000 per Month4800000 per Year
Stamped Buckle, Wire Buckle,
Cam Buckle(Steel / Zinc Alloy),
Adjuster Buckle

Could be used together with webbing & ratchet buckles = ratchet tie down set Good partner for harness, too.
Ratchet Buckle300000 per Month3000000 per Year
A.B.S Ratchet Buckle
Extendable Ratchet Buckle
Detachable Ratchet Buckle
Ergonomic Rubber Grip Ratchet Buckle
Stainless Ratchet Buckle
Traditional Ratchet Buckle

Could be used together with webbing & metal parts/hooks = ratchet tie down set
Ratchet Tie Down200000 per Month1800000 per Year
tchet buckles + webbing + metal parts / hooks = ratchet tie down set

* Webbing could be made with different materials / colors / lengths.
* Metal parts could be optional according to customers\' requirements.
Carabiner400000 per Month3600000 per Year
Material: Steel / Aluminum
C / D / D1 shape Carabiner
Waist Carabiner
Swivel Carabiner
Self-Locking Rebar Hook
Self-Locking Snap Hook

Screw Lock / Twist Lock / Triple Lock
Rings / Bolt500000 per Month4800000 per Year
O Ring, D Ring, Triangle Ring, 
Rectangle Ring, Waisted Ring, Oval Ring
Bolt, Stud, Stud Hook, Eyelet Stud

Metal parts made in Taiwan with high quality
* Customization available
Fitting / Swivel Connector / Safety Buckle300000 per Month3000000 per Year
End Fitting, Single Stud Fitting,
Double Stud Fitting (with O ring),
Swivel Connector, Safety Buckle

Material: Steel / Zinc Alloy / Aluminum

Good partners for transportation / harness
Could be used together with webbing

Production Equipment and Facilities

Equipment Name Equipment Picture Brand Model No. Quantity
Wire Forming50
Welding Machine8
Automatic Spring Machine5


R&D Capacity


Win Chance has a technology oriented R&D department to research and developing new product line to convene customer demands. Our R&D team specifically with the design and deliver to the product technology conceptual philosophy. Our engineers knows how material stress strains and its mechanical properties. Our in house tooling design capability enables us to set the right tune for our die thus create extemporary product group.

Quality Control

Equipment Name Equipment Picture Brand Model No. Quantity Other Descriptions
Hardness Testing1
Tensile Testing2
3D Testing Machine1
Salt Spray Testing Machine1