• Q. How do I login?
    • A. Click on the Login link in the Buyer Box / Supplier Box on the top right-hand corner of the page to go to the Login page. Enter your e-mail address and password and click on Login button.
  • Q. Why do I get an error message when I type in my password?
    • A. 1. Check how you are entering your password. Remember that passwords for Match Supplier only allow numbers and mixture of letters.
      2. Check to see if your keyboard CAPS LOCK has been accidentally turned on. If so, it means your password will have been typed in the wrong case.
  • Q. What if I forgot my password?
    • A. 1.Simply click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the Login page.
      2. 2. Enter your registered e-mail address.
      3. 3. Click Submit to complete the process. Match Supplier will send an e-mail to your registered e-mail address.

      4. Follow the instructions in the e-mail to change your password. After you've changed it, you'll be able to login to Match Supplier again.
      If you can't remember your registered e-mail address, please contact us.
  • Q. How do I update my Company Profile?
    • A. 1. After you log in, click on the My Account link in the box on the upper right corner.
      2. Click on Edit My Profile and start to edit.3. 3. Click Submit to save your changes.
  • Q. How do I change my password?
    • A. 1. Click on the My Account link in the box on the upper right corner.
      2. Click on Change Passwords and enter your current and new passwords.
      3. Click Confirm to save the changes.